Self-Service Moving Defined

Self service moving is sometimes referred to as ‘You Pack’. It involves you packing up your own belongings and loading them into a moving company truck for transportation. What happens is that when you call up a moving company, they will drop of a container for you.

You will then pack up your belongings in the container and lock it up yourself. When you are done, you inform the company to come pick up the container for transportation. You will arrange with the company the day and time that the most suitable time for the driver to pick the container.

This service is mostly used by individuals who are moving long distances or those who are making out of state moves. However, if you want to make in state moves, you can still use this service.

There are several advantages to self service moving. First, it is cheaper in comparison to full service moving. This is because you do not have to pay for the cost of loading and unloading the goods from the moving truck.

All you pay for is the driver and the distance of driving to your new location. Again, this service is quite simple to use. All you need to do is call a moving company and ask to lease one of their trucks. Again, most companies will give you adequate time to load and unload your belongings. On average, companies will give you three days to load and unload.

Before you call a moving company to request for their services, it is essential that you have a couple of facts first. For instance, you will need to know the type of truck that you want. This is because moving companies usually have a wide variety of trucks. The type of truck will largely depend on the quantity of goods that you want transported. Again, you should be able to objectively assess the amount of goods you want moved and decide whether you will be able to load it up alone or you will need help. This way, you can arrange with some of your friends and relatives to help you with the loading. If you cannot be able to get anyone to help you, some companies will provide loading and loading assistance at an extra cost.

When you are packing up your belongings one important thing to keep in mind to avoid getting confused or unnecessarily exhausted is labeling all your packing boxes. Label them in big letters, writing the contents of the box and which room which they should go into. Avoid labeling the boxes miscellaneous since you might end up with a lot of miscellaneous boxes with no idea about what is in them.

There are many companies which provide self moving services. To get the best deal, look through as many companies as you can and carry out a free quote price requisition. This usually takes two to three days. Since there is high competition due to the large number of companies in the market, you will get affordable prices. You can do this quite easily and quickly over the internet right now.

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