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Moving truck rental come with certain conditions that the client has to meet if they want the services of the moving company. The lessee is also entitled to certain rights and privileges from the rental company.

It is important to check the moving truck rental when it arrives to ensure that it is clean and prepared for use. The truck should not contain any garbage or dirt that was used by the previous lessee’s. The vehicle should not have any stains in the interior to prevent staining of belongings. Any stains should be dry stains that cannot come out. Both the cargo area and the cab area should be checked to prevent unnecessary cleaning and dumping costs falling on the new lessee.

Before leaving the premises of the moving company, it is imperative that clients thoroughly check the workings of the rented truck. The truck should be in good condition and have been recently serviced so that to that it is running properly. Clients should check that the brake lights of the truck are working, the horn, the air-conditioning, bulbs and wipers. Investigate to see whether the rented truck has any scratches, dents or damages. This should be clearly documented in the lease agreement to prevent the client being asked to pay for these damages later on.

The rented truck should be returned with a full tank. To avoid incurring extra charges, it is advisable that the lessee fills up the tank themselves before returning it. Returning the truck on an empty tank will result in extra charges since the client will have to pay for the cost of the moving company employee driving out to a gas station to fill up the tank.

To discourage clients from overstaying with the rented truck, moving companies institute heavy charges for any extra days that a client keeps a truck. The late fees can be very heavy even if one is late by only a couple of hours. Therefore, it is important that the lessee returns the vehicle on or before time to avoid penalties. This is because returning a truck late can greatly inconvenience other truck users who had booked the truck. In case of emergencies where it is virtually impossible to return the truck on time, call the moving company well ahead of time to inform them.

Moving companies sometimes offer discounts to their consumers. However, if the lessee breaks part of their agreement, for instance by returning a vehicle late, the discount will be written off and they will be forced to pay the total cost of renting the truck.

Booking the moving truck rental well in advance is advisable. This is so that one can take advantage of peak periods for reduced payments. At most, the recommended amount of time to make a booking is at least two hours before the truck needs to be used. Though last minute bookings can be made, this are generally discouraged since one can get disappointed.

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