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If you are planning to make a move, then you need to start off with your moving procedure well in advance. Yes friends, it is indeed a serious issue that needs to be given utmost importance. You cannot stay behind and think that you still have enough time. You need to plan a lot when it comes to making a move. Moreover, the moving venture is also considered to be a time consuming venture. By making a move, you not only need to shift your belongings but you need to also make some necessary arrangements to adjust to a new destination.

However, much of your stress can be relieved if you take help from full service moving companies. They will help you out in your moving venture by planning your move in much simpler way. Following is a list that needs to be taken into consideration three weeks before you are making the move. The moving experience doesn't only mean that you move your belongings from one place to another it means starting a life in a new place.

Here is a list of steps given to be followed at the time of this moving adventure.

At the time of moving, you will be amazed seeing the huge amount of articles in your house. The more articles and the more money. So, this will be wiser to take lease of a garage or a room for the extra articles.

Make a list of everything you are bringing to your new home. Even though many moving companies take an inventory of all your belongings you are transporting, it is a great idea to keep your own list in order to make a smooth transition from your old home to your new home. Many moving companies create an inventory list for their own apart from the list prepared by the owner. This will help to tally the name of the articles to both. This will lessen the risk of theft.

For the purpose of insurance, you have to be aware of the value of your belongings. You make sure that your family and other relatives must know your new address and contact numbers. You can fill a change of address form. You must tell the IRS about the change of your address. In case you are moving in another state, learn about insurance and auto licensing. Your kids’ records should be transferred to their new schools so notify the schools. If you will travel by aero plane, please make the reservations on priority basis. If you have loaned items, start collecting them one by one. The gas and other utilities should be disconnected so make the arrangements. If you have any delivery process running, give them the new address of your move.

Before one week of your leave, you must throw away all the flammable articles. You have to make a list of the important items to be taken in the aero plane. Remove the installed items you need in your new home. You'll need clothes and toiletries the first day in your new home. So pack suitcase containing them. There are a few last things that you'll need to do on the last day before your move. You should make sure that your refrigerator has at least 24 hours to air dry so empty, defrost and clean it first, then leave it to air dry. Take down your curtains and curtain rods. If you have children or pets make the arrangements for somebody to watch them.

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